The company keeping an eye on the streets of Sandy Springs may soon have a presence in Buckhead. Iron Sky, the Texas-based company with more than 200 cameras in the Atlanta area, is currently under consideration to install 16 more in Buckhead.

The Buckhead Community Improvement District plans to consider Iron Sky’s proposal in October. If approved, the Buckhead cameras would be tied into an Atlanta’s new Video Integration Center, which links up video feeds between law enforcement and private security, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

Jim Durrett, executive director of the Buckhead CID, said the cameras would be a boon to the police.

“I’d say all of Atlanta can use more eyes on the street for safety and security reasons,” Durrett said. “This is, we believe, a very good way to stretch the limited safety resources.”

Durrett said the cameras would be, “Scattered throughout the CID. It would be at very specific locations where the police told us they’d like to have vantage points they do not currently have.”

Privacy concerns are one issue, and they arose at a Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods meeting on Sept. 8.

Bob Carter, general manager for Iron Sky in Georgia, said the company would be able to log into all the systems in the Alanta area. The company currently has cameras in high profile Atlanta locations like Atlantic Station and Midtown. But he said any customer can see when his company has logged into the system.

Durrett said he understands people’s concerns.

“We believe, on balance, it’s worth it,” Durrett said.

Carter said local law enforcement agencies do not have the manpower to provide what his company can provide.

“This is an electronic police officer documenting what’s happening there,” Carter said.

Carter showed off an extensive map with the camera links that law enforcement agencies could tap into. He said each agency records for a certain period of time. He said in Sandy Springs, the intent is to keep 30 days’ worth of recordings.

Durrett did not have any estimates about what the Buckhead CID would spend on the cameras.