Taylor Adams

Taylor Adams

It started with some chat on a Facebook page set up so Buckhead natives could reminisce about their old neighborhood.

“Buckhead in the ‘50s was a great place. I grew up in Buckhead back when it was country. I hunted in my back yard,” said Jim Miller, who’s 57 and contributes to the Facebook discussion.

As the crowd on the Facebook page grew, somebody suggested they ought to get together and chat face to face. The idea caught on.

The first Buckhead Natives Reunion is scheduled for Oct. 1, said Taylor Adams, who is putting the reunion together along with Miller and some other Buckhead natives. Adams says he expects 150 to 200 people to attend the party.

The gathering will sort of be like a reunion open to graduates of all Buckhead’s high schools, Miller said.

“It really brings back nostalgia for years past,” said Adams, who’s 44 and describes himself as a fourth-generation Buckhead resident. “You are meeting friends you never knew you had.”

He said there are no rules over who qualifies as a “native.” He says he himself considers “people who at least went to high school here,” but also says there are “honorary natives” who “have lived here a long time.”

Tickets to the reunion cost $35, Adams said. For more information, see the Buckhead Natives page on Facebook.