The DeKalb County Commission is considering asking the state Legislature for a moratorium on the creation of new cities in DeKalb County so the state can study the impact of creating new cities in unincorporated areas of the county.

It could throw a road block in front of efforts to incorporate a city of Brookhaven. The resolution, proposed by District 2  Commissioner Jeff Rader, was first considered on Oct. 11 and may be voted on at the commission’s Oct. 25 meeting, according to  T. J. Sigler, a policy analyst with the DeKalb County Commission.

“Instead of looking at the issue of incorporation from the perspective of an island … we want to look at it more broadly and say, ‘These boundaries make sense from a substantive point of view and not strictly a financial point of view,” Rader said.

The copy of the resolution itself provides further explanation.

“Much of the current process for considering annexation and incorporation focuses on their effects to existing or newly created cities; however, no formal consideration is given to the effects of annexation or incorporation on surrounding unincorporated areas and the county as a whole,” the resolution’s “need/impact” section says.

Here is the text of the resolution. Keep checking for more updates as they become available.

“The Governing Authority requests that a moratorium be placed on annexation and incorporation in DeKalb County until a study committee is formed to create new standards by which to evaluate annexation and incorporations to take into account the adverse impact to the remaining unincorporated areas of the county; these new standards should include

  1. a rubric for determining reasonable boundaries for the existing or new cities using theories of urban organization
  2. an analysis of the tax base per capita within the proposed boundaries of the annexing or newly incorporated city and in the remaining unincorporated areas
  3. an analysis of the impact of widespread annexation or incorporation on the provision of higher level services (e.g., Emergency 911 service, non-basic police services such as aerial support unit, SWAT team, bomb squad unit, intelligence and permits, K-9 division, gang task force, drug task force, etc.), and
  4. an analysis of alternatives to annexation and incorporation such as townships and special service districts; the study committee should include members appointed by the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, and members of the DeKalb Delegation to the Georgia General Assembly; and the study committee should be charged with developing the scope for a study, selecting an academic institution to conduct the study, and reviewing the study’s findings and recommendations.”