The Citizens for North DeKalb has announced the boundaries that will be studied for a potential city of Brookhaven and the final study area no longer includes the Century Center area.

Century Center, an office park to the east of Clairmont Road and north of I-85, was originally included in the study area. The boundaries include a population of approximately 50,000.

After listening to the concerns of residents in the neighborhoods adjacent to Century Center, the board of Citizens for North DeKalb decided to remove the office complex from the study area to better preserve the ability of those residents to explore their own municipal options in the future, the group said via e-mail.

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia is conducting a study into the feasibility of a city of Brookhaven. The study is expected to be complete in early November.

Boundaries for a city of Brookhaven were initially described in legislation introduced by Reps. Mike Jacobs of north DeKalb and Tom Taylor of Dunwoody during the 2010 session of the General Assembly. The two have said they introduced legislation creating the city to start a discussion about whether the city should be created and, if so, where.

“Once we get the report and distribute it, our objective will be largely fulfilled and the community can decide what to do,” said Stan Segal, a spokesman for the Citizens for North DeKalb.