Eva Galambos

Eva Galambos

The unemployment rate in Sandy Springs didn’t drop by much from August to September, but Sandy Springs officials say they will take it.

Preliminary figures released by the Georgia Department of Labor show that the rate dropped from 8.9 percent in August to 8.5 percent in September. Sandy Springs is doing better than the state unemployment rate of 10.3 percent.

Councilman Gabriel Sterling said a recently-passed economic incentives policy for new businesses should, over time, help keep the number low.

“I’m happy to see that it’s down in Sandy Springs,” Sterling said. “Obviously we want to do better, which is why we passed those economic incentives.”

Mayor Eva Galambos also thinks the economic incentives policy will help the city attract more jobs.

“We’re happy that our numbers are trending downward,” Galambos said. “It indicates opportunity within the city. We have a residential population that trends towards higher educational attainment, and it is known that education plays a part in overall unemployment statistics.”