Sam Massell, president of the Buckhead Coalition

The Buckhead Coalition is offering a $10,000 incentive to whoever builds the first Compressed Natural Gas filling station in Buckhead.

Coalition president Sam Massell said in a press release the fuel is “is consistent with the environmental consciousness of this community.”

According to the California Energy Commission’s Consumer Energy Center, natural gas is a cheaper, cleaner form of fuel.

“Natural gas is produced both worldwide and domestically at relatively low cost and is cleaner burning than gasoline or diesel fuel,” the Consumer Energy Center’s website says. “Natural gas vehicles show an average reduction in ozone-forming emissions of 80 percent compared to gasoline vehicles.”

According to the Coalition, Atlanta Gas Light has initiated a statewide CNG Infrastructure Program which will provide $11.57 million to support developing CNG stations.

“The Buckhead Coalition’s grant … supports a common goal of advancing the development of a CNG infrastructure,” said Ian Skelton, director of Atlanta Gas Light’s CNG vehicle program. “The advancement of the natural gas vehicle market is beneficial as it promotes the use of a fuel that is domestically abundant, environmentally friendly and economically affordable.”