To the editor:

Re: The letter from Katie Oehler in the Feb. 24-March 8, 2012, edition of the Brookhaven Reporter.

As I read her letter, I was looking forward to the comparison of Brookhaven (Ashford) with the city of Dunwoody. She was presenting seemingly valid points until she stated that DeKalb County has a millage cap of 3.35 and based her tax rate on a $200,000 home paying $610 dollars (a year).

In unincorporated north DeKalb County, the millage rate is approximately 6.2 and some residents pay more than $6,000 dollars in taxes to DeKalb County. Granted, homes are appraised (a whole other article) at a much higher value than the market will bear, in contrast to the southern part of the county.

Applying the actual 6.2 millage rate to a $200,000 home, I should be paying a little less than $1,830 in taxes. So the millage rate of 3.35 (not 6.2) would save me about $1,200 in taxes and is a far cry from the .58-cent monthly savings she quoted.

Additionally, there are relatively few services provided for the excessive taxes collected in this part of the county. This is why I embrace a new city that will provide a uniform millage rate and consistent services throughout the city at a more affordable rate.

Tony Sutter