Starting next year, the mayor of Sandy Springs and members of City Council will get raises under a proposed city charter revision introduced this month in the state Legislature.

The charter revisions increase the mayor’s salary to $40,000 a year from $25,000 a year and council salaries to $18,000 from $12,000 annually, according to the legislation. The changes take effect Jan. 1.

“That’s in keeping with [salaries in] Roswell and Sandy Springs,” said Rep. Joe Wilkinson, R-Sandy Springs, one of the Sandy Springs lawmakers who introduced the proposed changes to the city charter.

Changes were proposed by the city Charter Review Commission, an ad hoc body which last year looked over the 5-year-old city’s charter line by line.

The review was required in the city’s original charter.

Wilkinson said Sandy Springs lawmakers decided not to include a provision limiting the number of consecutive terms a council member may hold office, even though the commission had recommended term limits. Wilkinson said term limits were not included because “we couldn’t get a consensus from the commission. In other areas there was a clear consensus, but in this area, there was a split.”