Since 2010, Buckhead residents have waited to see progress on a massive stalled development at Buckhead Village. The project, formerly known as Streets of Buckhead, is under new management and has been renamed Buckhead Atlanta. The project is expected to cost approximately $600 million.

What’s the latest on the Buckhead Atlanta project? Hunter Richardson, development director for project developer OliverMcMillan, recently answered several questions about the project.

Q. When does the company plan to break ground on building Buckhead Atlanta?

A. Currently, OliverMcMillan is working diligently on two parallel tracks to allow us to start construction on what will be a fantastic mixed-use development: Buckhead Atlanta.

We are going through the city’s permitting process and following the multiple steps needed for a project of this size and scope, where we are designing and permitting four separate buildings. At the same time, we have a significant redesign effort underway to reshape this eight-acre site, molding the existing structures into the OliverMcMillan vision for the project.

This redesign responds to market desires for a more human scale in this new Buckhead Atlanta development. Construction will start in the next several months. We are making good progress on both these tracks and will keep you posted as to how all the pieces are coming together.

Q. We’ve heard that OliverMcMillan had to tear down some of the old Streets project. Can you please help us understand this better, including why it needed to be removed, when removal started and where it now stands?

A. Yes, we will be doing some structural modifications – removing columns, adding beams – to adapt the existing structures and make them compatible with our vision for Buckhead Atlanta. The city permit carries the name “demolition,” but the actual work is making necessary modifications to the existing structures before we begin vertical construction.

Q. Has OliverMcMillan received all the necessary approvals yet?

A. We continue to follow the city’s permitting process, which has multiple steps, and the process is moving along about as we expected. As previously reported, we have SAP (Special Administrative Permit) approvals on Parcels A & C and have filed SDPs (Site Development Plans) on Parcels A & C.

Q. Have you confirmed any new tenants that you’re ready to announce publicly? When do you anticipate we’ll start hearing more about businesses that will locate in the development.

A. We rarely announce tenants at this stage in the process – it’s much too early. What I can tell you is that we have a strong emphasis on leasing, we’re getting very good response, and we’re making progress in attracting the world-class tenants this project deserves.

Q. Are you still on target for your original completion date?

A. Yes, we are on target to complete Buckhead Atlanta in late 2013.