Sheriff Ted Jackson

Sheriff Ted Jackson


326 of 348 precincts reporting


Shall Fulton County’s transportation system and the transportation network in this region and the state be improved by providing for a 1 percent sales and use tax for the purpose of transportation projects and programs for a period of 10 years?

Yes-    47.88 percent

No-      52.12 percent


Democratic primary

Clerk of Superior Court

Boyd C. Chisolm-                                     6.43 percent

Rodney J. Fowler-                                 8.57 percent

L. Pittman-                                             14.33 percent

Catherine “Tina” Robinson (I)-     70.68 percent



Frank L. Brown-                                 9.20 percent

Curtis S. Farmer-                               3.45 percent

Theodore “Ted” Jackson (I)-     49.74 percent

Richard Lankford-                          32.85 percent

Charles Shelton-                                 4.76 percent


Tax Commissioner

Arthur E. Ferdinand (I)-        70.46 percent

John Jamont-                             14.90 percent

R.J. Morris-                                 14.64 percent