Some 200 pumpkins will be offered for sale at Brookhaven’s next food truck roundup at Blackburn Park on Oct. 1, courtesy of Brookhaven resident Collette McDonald, who will donate all proceeds to the city’s Parks & Recreation Department.

“Brookhaven is like no other city in the Atlanta area,” McDonald said in a press release. “I love to be part of and give back to this friendly, welcoming community. It has all these fun family events that make you almost think that you landed in a Norman Rockwell painting.”

Prior to serving as the District 1 Planning Commissioner for DeKalb County, McDonald, who runs Collette McDonald Associates real estate company, served on the Board of Zoning Appeals for the district.

She also served on the Board for Citizens for North DeKalb, a group that researched the viability of a city of Brookhaven.

Collette McDonald

Collette McDonald