A DeKalb ethics board member and county staff member Robert Lundsten have resigned following a heated exchange during a Tuesday board meeting, according to media reports.

County Commissioner Nancy Jester issued the following statement.

There was an exchange at the 3 March, 2015 DeKalb County Ethics Board meeting between Ethics Board Member Robert Blackman and Robert Lundsten.

Following an internal review, I have placed Robert Lundsten on indefinite administrative leave. Additionally, Robert Lundsten has submitted his formal resignation papers to the proper county agency.

Likewise, the actions of Robert Blackman were unprofessional. I call upon DeKalb County CEO Lee May, who appointed Robert Blackman to ensure the removal of Robert Blackman from the Ethics Board.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Blackman resigned Thursday.

To view a video of the meeting, visit The Brookhaven Post.