brook seal brookhaven seal 2 cherokee rose seal B seal

A couple of images show babbling brooks. A few bear giant “B”s. Flowers are popular, too.

Those are some of the decorative touches in 13 sketches under consideration to be Brookhaven’s new official city seal. Residents can see all of the designs and cast a vote for their favorites in an online survey run by City Councilman Bates Mattison.

The seal is a symbol used to stamp official documents. The design also probably would hang in the City Council chambers and municipal buildings. Unlike the city logo, which may be updated, the seal is “something you want as a timeless piece you want to never change,” as Councilman Bates Mattison put it.

Mattison is in charge of directing Sky Design, the Atlanta-based firm coming up with the design for the seal. It’s been at work for a few months, and the city authorized spending around $3,000, according to City Council minutes.

The City Council said at its Sept. 22 meeting that it intends to narrow the list to three or four options, then allow the public to vote online. However, Mattison already circulated a link to his full online survey to constituents. And the council’s annual retreat on Sept. 25, where it planned to discuss the seal, was canceled and has yet to be rescheduled.

Mattison is keeping his online survey alive, and any votes that come in may help sway the mayor and council’s final decision.
A couple of the designs echo the current houses-and-stream city logo and are in finished versions. Most designs are just rough-draft pencil sketches on lined notebook paper. One council concern was that the finished versions might get more votes than the rough drafts simply because they were more polished.

Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams couldn’t resist weighing in a bit early, saying, “I would like to put a tree or blossom in there somewhere.”

To vote in the online survey, go to