The Dunwoody Homeowners Association seems a group which now has inappropriate influence in city affairs. The DHA does some great things like the [Fourth of July] parade, holidays, food trucks and representing us pre-cityhood. But the DHA does not represent all of us on all city issues. I’ve seen grossly misleading influence by the DHA on the skate park construction and during my involvement with the Sustainability Commission.

DHA reps have no accountability to all citizens on the actions they take. We cannot vote them out. It is inappropriate that the DHA is negotiating real estate deals, construction design specs, site design specs, park deals and other city business that affect all of us. Some of the usefulness of the DHA has run its course now that we are a city. Their role should evolve. The city should be run by the reps—mayor and council—we all vote on. They are accountable to all of us in all parts of the city.

— Paul Lowry