After more than a year of work, the final design for rearranging the lanes on Buckhead’s Peachtree Road has been released by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

A GDOT illustration of what the Peachtree Road lane rearrangement would look like in the area of Peachtree Battle Avenue and Terrace Drive. The illustration is oriented with North to the right and West at the top.

The re-striping now covers 3 miles between Pharr Road and the Buford Spring Connector, a bit farther south than originally planned. It would include three southbound lanes, two northbound lanes and a two-way left-turn lane running down the middle. All lanes would be 10 feet wide.

The main change from the current configuration on most of the road is transforming one northbound travel lane into the left-turn lane.

A previous version of the re-striping plan, presented in late 2015, had different numbers of southbound and northbound lanes on two different sections of the corridor. That has been simplified into the same three southbound, two northbound lane arrangment on the entire corridor.

Bicycle lanes remain off the table. They were included in earlier plans about 18 months ago and were killed by community opposition.

The re-striping would be done along with repaving. The work will take about a year, according to a GDOT press release that did not give a timeline for starting the work.

GDOT is accepting public comments on the design through Feb. 16 but provided only a snail-mail street address for doing so. Comments can be mailed to: Eric Duff, Georgia Department of Transportation, 600 West Peachtree Street NW, 16th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30308.