A Black Lives Matter protest at Dunwoody High School is planned for Monday, Dec. 18, before classes following a social media post that went viral alleging racial discrimination on the cheerleading squad.

DSCD board member Stan Jester posted this photo to his blog that describes a Black Lives Matter protest to be held at Dunwoody High School on Monday, Dec. 18, at 7:30 a.m.

A flyer put out apparently this weekend by some students about the protest states: “Dunwoody High School Black Lives Matter, Monday at 7:30 a.m. — First Bell, Wear BLACK Bring, RESPECTABLE posters, Wear jackets, *bring letters of instances teachers or students used your race and cultural background against you.*f”

The protest is in response to a social media post alleging a black cheerleader on the DHS squad was purposefully cropped out of a photograph went viral over the weekend.

DHS Principal Priscilla Cole sent an email to parents over the weekend acknowledging a protest was planned for Monday morning in response to “a viral picture went out that was mischaracterized which involved our football cheerleading squad and it has impacted our school community.”

The letter and flyer was posted to DeKalb County School District board member Stan Jester’s blog; Jester lives in Dunwoody.

“The viral picture” Cole mentioned is from a Dec. 12 Twitter post that went out including two photos of the DHS cheerleading squad, one picture with the entire group and another with sole black cheerleader cropped out.

Photos of the Twitter post that went viral over the weekend. The post shows a picture of the Dunwoody High School cheerleading squad, one that shows the only black cheerleader cropped out. (Via Twitter)

A person stating she was a friend of the black cheerleader noted her friend being cropped out of a photo and stated “I think we all know the reason whyte.” More than 2,000 people have retweeted the post and more than 4,000 people have “liked” it.


Cole stated in her email to parents that the “the nature of this incident has led some students to exercise their right to protest and they plan to hold a peaceful protest Monday morning, December 18, 2017 from 7:30 a.m.-8 a.m. To ensure the protest is peaceful, we will have additional officers on campus as well district support.

“Students who are not participating in the protest should enter the school immediately upon arrival to school as they normally do. Please be mindful of the current carpool lane rules as you drop your student(s) off. Instruction will continue as planned so that students can prepare for their upcoming finals,” Cole stated.

Cole added, “Lastly, please be reminded that students cannot wear any clothing that may cause a disturbance or disruption in the school. This includes, but is not limited to clothing with references to drugs and/or alcohol, confederate flags, black lives matter, white pride or power etc.”

In his blog, Jester wrote what his understanding of the incident is.

“A black cheerleader was auto cropped out of a cheerleader squad picture when the photo was formatted for printing by an online system,” he stated.

“Some students sprung into action blaming the cheerleader squad for racial bias. A protest for this non-event is planned for tomorrow morning and sanctioned by the school district,” Jester stated. He posts a photo of what appears to be the uncropped and cropped image that was sent to Walgreens:

Jester then adds what he says is “The Whole Story.” From his blog:

  • For nearly 20 years the Dunwoody varsity cheer team has created a photo collage for the coach.

  • A parent used a professional camera on senior night and took lots of photos. These photos were given to a student and that student uploaded these photos to Walgreen’s photo site for printing. The Walgreens software automatically cropped every photo.

  • Once the printed photos were picked up, the cropping issues were noticed and those photos that had girls cropped out were not used for the collage.

  • The collage was presented to the cheerleading coach at the banquet and every cheerleader is in the collage multiple times. The unused photos were placed on the coach’s desk at the school.

  • Cheerleaders are now being harassed online and in person.

  • All the cropped photos were set aside so they wouldn’t be in the collage. The cropped photos were not used anywhere.