Author: Dan Whisenhunt

Buckhead: Zone 2 saw increase in robberies during past year

Atlanta Police Department Zone 2 Commander Maj. Van Hobbs says 2013 was a good year overall for his precinct. Crime went down and the department made some big arrests. There were also some troubling trends, like an increase in robberies. The Buckhead Reporter got Hobbs’ take on 2013 and his expectations for the coming year. Q:  What do you consider the high point for Zone 2 in 2013? A: The high point for Zone 2 was that we were able to reduce overall crime by 5%.  Although we did see an increase in some areas, robberies for example, we made...

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Saving lives, solving a homicide highlights of Dunwoody PD’s past year

For Dunwoody police, 2013 was a year of life-saving rescues, a rise in violent crime and the start of a new crime-fighting team. The Dunwoody Reporter asked Police Chief Billy Grogan five questions about how he viewed the events of 2013 and what he foresees for his department in 2014. Here are his answers. Q: What do you consider the high point for the department in 2013? There have been many high points for the Dunwoody Police Department in 2013, so there is a lot to choose from.  However, I don’t believe any are as dramatic or important as saving a life. In 2013, Officer Irwin and Officer Tedesco, along with help from others, used their AED device to save two separate people. In addition, Officer Stallings was able to save a woman, who was attempting to commit suicide, from leaping off a five-story parking deck. Q: What’s the oddest thing that happened in 2013? There are always odd things happening around our department, odd cases we get involved in or just odd people we encounter.  It is the nature of police work. We had a home invasion a few months ago involving several suspects and several victims.  The two groups exchanged gunfire.  The result was one victim was shot and one suspect was shot in the forehead between the eyes.  The odd part was the bullet did not...

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Brookhaven Police chief looks ahead to department’s first full year

A year ago, there was no Brookhaven Police Department. Now, more than 50 officers are working to keep residents safer by patrolling the streets and solving crimes. The Brookhaven Reporter asked Police Chief Gary Yandura five questions about his department’s first six months and about what he expects in 2014. Here are his answers. Q:  What are your goals for the Brookhaven Police Department in 2014? A: We are excited to have a place to call police headquarters and looking forward to opening it to the public in early 2014.  We are continuing to establish ourselves in the community and expand the department to meet the needs of Brookhaven. Q:  What are the greatest challenges facing the Brookhaven Police department in 2014? A: We are looking forward to our first full year as a police department. Q:  What has the Brookhaven Police Department learned during its first six months? A: We have been able to get a better idea of crime rates and trends that affect our area.  We are using that information to deploy manpower and resources in order to combat and deter crime. Q:  What was the high point of 2013? A: Seeing a police department built from the ground up has been extremely exciting.  The work is far from over.  Every day brings about a new challenge and new satisfaction when that challenge is met.  Citizens continue to thank...

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Sandy Springs police stepped up presence at apartment complexes in 2013

Sandy Springs Police Chief Kenneth DeSimone was promoted to chief in 2013, replacing former Chief Terry Sult, who eventually left to head up the police department in Hampton, Va. DeSimone said his first year saw a small decrease in crime rates. He said the department is also taking steps to combat crime at the city’s apartment complexes. The Sandy Springs Reporter asked DeSimone for his take on 2013 and his expectations for the coming year. Q: What do you consider the high point for the department in 2013? Well, maybe not a high point, but definitely a changing point was...

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Buckhead: Book sheds new light on Brookwood Hills

Betsy Crosby has lived in Buckhead’s historic Brookwood Hills neighborhood for more than 30 years, but writing a book on the neighborhood taught her things she never knew. “One of the things I had not ever known about much was just how extremely — let’s just say high end — the Brookwood area was,” Crosby said. “It was probably the most beautiful area in all of Atlanta at the turn of the century, with beautiful mansions and by the ‘50s and ‘60s, those were gone.” Today the neighborhood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The neighborhood,...

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