Author: Melissa Weinman

Woodland Elementary Charter School principal removed, district says

The principal of Woodland Elementary Charter School has been removed from her position while Fulton County officials investigate “unprofessional behavior.” Susan Hale, a spokesperson for Fulton County Schools, said effective April 18, Ruth Baskerville is no longer principal of Woodland Elementary School in Sandy Springs. “She is still currently employed but we are reviewing her employment status,” Hale said. Hale estimated that the investigation should be completed by the end of the week. “There have been allegations of a pattern of unprofessional behavior,” Hale said. “There’s enough information that we are able to remove her as principal. How that will affect her employment status that I don’t how long it will take.” Hale would not comment on why Baskerville was removed as principal. “Beyond that there’s not much I can say because it’s a personnel issue,” Hale said. Baskerville has been principal at Woodland Elementary School since 2007.  ...

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Dunwoody police say 24 hours on Twitter a tweet success

For 24 hours, the Dunwoody Police Department tweeted continually. Every call the department received was typed up, numbered and posted on the social media website Twitter.  From 6 a.m. on April 8 to 6 a.m. on April 9, the police department posted each of its 111 calls. And if you ask Police Chief Billy Grogan, the experience was a wild success that drummed up public interest in the police department. “We started that Friday the week before with about 1,200 [Twitter] followers, give or take a few. Today we’re over 2,000. We added 800 followers in that week period...

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Falling tree destroys Buckhead home

Members of a Buckhead family are grateful to be alive after a massive oak tree crashed through their house just after midnight Tuesday. “The whole place is a mess. But we’re lucky, that’s the main thing,” said Blake Young, owner of the home at 141 Lake View Ave. “ It’s stuff, not people [that was harmed].” Neighbors and bystanders watched April 12 as cranes and tractors swarmed the house to lift and remove limbs that gutted the middle of the home. Young said he and his wife were still awake when the tree hit their home during a storm....

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