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Robin’s Nest: Wrong Way Robin

I’m what you could call “directionally challenged.” You might think that this is my glib way of telling you that I am very short (which I am), but you would be wrong. Rather, I am divulging my complete and utter inability to find my way anywhere. Seriously. Anywhere. Given the choice between any two directions — north or south, east or west, forward or backward — I will inevitably pick the wrong one. This is true even if the choice is “up or down.” To further complicate matters, I walk very quickly. So when on foot, I get lost...

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Community Survey: Is the Super Bowl good for Atlanta?

When it comes to the Super Bowl, count many locals as superfans of bringing the game to Atlanta. And more than a few believe the Falcons can still win it. More than two-thirds of the 200 respondents to Reporter Newspapers’ most recent 1Q survey welcomed the Super Bowl LIII to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in February, saying that it mattered to them that the game would be played in Atlanta. “It is great for the community,” a 24-year-old Buckhead woman commented. “Hosting the Super Bowl is an honor for our city and helps the local economy greatly!” The survey was conducted...

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Letter: Thanks for a reminder of good at a time of evil

Jewish communities everywhere experienced grief and shock at the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue, in which 11 Jewish lives were tragically taken in an act of hatred and violence. Here in our own Dunwoody community, as we struggled to comprehend this tragedy, we were immensely touched by the outpouring of support from our neighbors and friends. Emails, phone calls and floral tributes, all with warm and loving messages, truly uplifted our spirits in this dark time, and served to remind us of the good that surrounds us, even when evil rears its head. At a memorial service held at...

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Around Town: The season for haunted lawns returns

The dragon is back. It spreads its bright yellow wings in Blair and Alex Garrett’s front yard in Brookhaven. It’s been there since October flew in. Blair wanted to put the inflatable dragon out in her yard in September, but her husband said no. That was just too early, he said, to decorate for Halloween. Don’t tell that to Anthony Cabrera. He spends the whole year planning his Halloween decorations and starts building stuff about Labor Day. “Over the course of the year, I experiment with stuff like, ‘What would make a good-looking wall in an asylum?’ he said....

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Commentary: A no vote on Brookhaven parks bond is a yes for better vetting

I am a solid NO vote in the Nov. 6 referendum on the Brookhaven Parks Bond because I believe it’s the wrong amount at the wrong time. This bond amount, the expected interest, and its servicing fees will impact Brookhaven property owners for the next 30 years. Wrong amount. The overall projects are built on questionable estimates — this alone should require a more thorough process — and include components that are inflated, not vetted or not wanted. There are items that should be pulled and funded from different or more appropriate sources. Also, there’s a 25 percent contingency...

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Commentary: Brookhaven parks bond would fulfill city’s dream

One of the main reasons we became a city was to improve our badly neglected parks. The city of Brookhaven is proposing a $40 million bond to help fulfill our dream of superior city parks. This Nov. 6, we have a choice: Do we want better parks or do we leave them as is? If we want to improve our parks, we need bond funding. Since it became a city, Brookhaven funded $10 million in park improvements using HOST sales tax dollars — but as of April 2018, state law requires that HOST can only be used for property...

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Commentary: Marsy’s Law is a solution in search of a problem

The Nov. 6 ballot includes, as Question 4, a proposed state constitutional amendment that “provides rights for victims of crime in the judicial process.” The Reporter Newspapers asked two advocates to explain the pro and con arguments on the question, which is commonly known as “Marsy’s Law.” For the commentary supporting the amendment, click here. November ballots in six states, Georgia among them, include a referendum on whether to add to those state constitutions a victims’ bill of rights commonly known as Marsy’s Law. It’s likely to pass; no right-thinking person would vote against victims’ rights. But in Georgia,...

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Commentary: Marsy’s Law would enforce a victim’s bill of rights

The Nov. 6 ballot includes, as Question 4, a proposed state constitutional amendment that “provides rights for victims of crime in the judicial process.” The Reporter Newspapers asked two advocates to explain the pro and con arguments on the question, which is commonly known as “Marsy’s Law.” For the commentary in opposition to the amendment, click here. This November, when you head to the polls, you will not only be voting on your legislators; you will also be asked to vote on a number of state and local measures. One section of the ballot will include five state-wide constitutional...

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Letter: The Reporter tops the news-reading list

This morning I picked up three papers in my driveway: the New York Times, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Buckhead Reporter. I started with the Buckhead Reporter. I read everything. Good, interesting stories, of concern to me. And none of which I’d ever find in the AJC. Still haven’t unwrapped the plastic off the other two papers. Thank you! Mercy Wright...

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Letter: Voting ‘yes’ on the Brookhaven parks bond

On Nov. 6, 2018, I will be casting a ‘yes’ vote on the Brookhaven parks bond referendum. The bond is an important next step to invest in and improve Brookhaven parks. Improved parks was a promise made to us more than five years ago as an underpinning of the vision for Brookhaven to be the premier small town in the metro area. I trust our city officials –  elected, appointed and employed –  to continue to act as they have on other promises. Our city has fulfilled its promise of a top-notch police department; it is fulfilling its promise...

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Robin’s Nest: Taking a spin on the Wheel of Worry

I have a Wheel of Worry. It came into existence with the birth of my first child, and it started small. It spun to topics such as HIGH FEVER, WHY WON’T HE STOP CRYING? and STRANGE RASH ON BABY’S CHEST. I had more children, and the wheel grew. It got bigger as the children did, and its topics became more varied, ranging from to WHAT DID SHE JUST SWALLOW? and THEY’RE TOO QUIET UP THERE to CROSSING THE STREET and WILL THEY MAKE FRIENDS? By the time the last two children hit adolescence, the wheel was pretty substantial. It...

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Community Survey: Divided politics make for eager voters

Turnout for the November election could be high, if the voters follow the lead of respondents to a Reporter Newspapers community survey. About six in 10 of the 200 respondents said they are more likely to vote in the November election than in past elections. And more than a third of the people who responded that they weren’t more likely to vote this time said that was only because they vote in every election anyway. The survey was conducted by via cellphones to residents in Reporter Newspapers communities. The results are not scientific. Why do so many plan...

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